Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home

Music Promotions was lucky enough to interview Two Ways Home recently for a chat about their single ‘Outlaws’ Country music, touring memorable moments and much more…

Two Ways Home have style, charisma, incredible vocals, Lyrics from the heart they are the future of country music.

Can you tell us more about your new single Outlaws? 
Our new single Outlaws is about how many of us get caught up in material wealth. The chorus describes how we have lost our connection to the earth and the people around us because we are focussing on the wrong things.

What was the inspiration behind Outlaws? 
The inspiration for the song came from wanting to be a bit more aware of what we buy in comparison to what we actually need. We live in a consumer culture and we get brainwashed by adverts, clever branding and media all the time telling us what we need and what we should buy. This song looks at the phenomenon of wanting to buy things to make yourself happy but really this feeling is very short-lived and a lot of us live very wasteful lives.

Who inspires you musically? Together or on your own?
We were blown away by Marty Stewart and his band recently, they are incredible musicians and inspired us to go home and practice a little harder, write more songs and just better ourselves as musicians in general. Other bands that inspire us are the Eagles, Queen, Bon Iver, Brothers Osborne to name a few.

How was performing at Country Music Week? 

Performing at CMW was so much fun. We were quite nervous as there were many great bands on the bill, but as soon as we stepped out onto the stage the nerves turned into excitement and we had such a blast. Also, our friend Logan Brill joined us for a song that we wrote together in Nashville a while back, which was great as she lives in America and we don’t get to see her perform that often, so having her on stage with us was extra special.

What country artists are you listening to at the moment? any you’d like to work with? 
Brothers Osborne, Sean McConnell and Lucie Silvas are our top 3 at the moment. Also, Charlie Worsham is amazing, great songwriter. We actually wrote a song with him when he was over in the UK and he played at our writers-round; The Round Up, which was such an honour. So hopefully we can get in a writing room with any of the above sometime down the line.

Will their be an album released from you anytime soon? 
We are working towards our next release, but there is nothing set in stone yet.

What can we expect from your full band headline show at the Underbelly? 
We are so excited for that show on the 13th of December. We haven’t played with our full band lineup in ages so it will be really special to get all the boys up with us again. It will be a mix of our released material with a couple of surprises thrown in.

Will you be adding any more dates to your current tour? 
We are joining Katy Hurt for the 9th/Nov in Liverpool as well as on the 22nd/Nov in Chelmsford. We are also playing the Big Comfy bookshop in Coventry on the 1st/Dec and then we are doing our full-band show at the Underbelly on the 13th/Dec. So unless something comes up last minute we are concentrating more on writing and getting new material together for 2018.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?
One of our most memorable moments has been when we were in Nashville and we were scheduled to write at Warner Music on Music Row. We remember getting out of the cab and just standing there looking up at this massive building where so many amazing songs started and we felt so happy to be writing along side some amazing artists and writers that day.

The last words from you?
We host a monthly writers round which is called The Round Up, which will continue in the new year and it’s loads of fun. We always have 4 acts on stage together including us and we all play songs in turn and its all about the songs and what they mean and how they were written. So follow us on social media and you’ll get all the updates about that and any other shows and new content.



2 November – The Round Up, Gail’s Kitchen, Soho, WC1B

9 November – Parr St. Studios, Liverpool

22 November – Bassment Bar, Chelmsford

1 December – The Big Comfy Bookshop, Coventry

13 December – Zigfrid von Underbelly, London (full band headline ‘Round Up’)