Venom Film Review

After i had such high hopes for Sam Raimi’s Venom only to be severely disappointed along with the hardcore Marvel and Spidey fans alike, we finally hopefully get to see the Venom we rightfully deserve, right?

We start with probably the most haunting musical score that any Marvel movie has ever done, we then see a space ship travelling through space, then something goes wrong and the shuttle crashes in East Malaysia. We then see the shuttle was carrying containers containing what is known as Symbiotes (I SWEAR TO GOD IF ANYONE SAYS “SIM-BI-OTES” LIKE IT IS IN THAT MOVIE I WILL SCREAM!!!!) One escapes. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) wakes up in his apartment with his lawyer girlfriend Anne Weying (Michelle Williams.) After a day at his bosses office explaining what to do and not what to do with the interview he has soon with Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed.) Who is the CEO of the Life Foundation (The shuttle from the beginning was owned by the Life Foundation.) The night before he sees an email addressed to Anne with confidential information attached which Eddie well looks at. During the interview, he confronts Drake about it which causes the interview to be shut down, Brock fired from his job and to make things worse. Anne dumps him and she is fired from her job. (Gives new meaning to “bad things happen in fours.”) 6 months later, Brock is well not in a good place, he’s unemployable, he’s really behind on his rent and Annedoesn’tt want to know him. But one day, he’s approached by Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate) w ho questions what Drake has been doing and wants Brock to expose his well crimes. And this kiddies is when the action gets turned up to “Holy Shit” factor 10.
Pros, it’s not a bad movie, Tom Hardy is brilliant whether as Venom or Eddie Brock, he uses 2 voices instead of Spider-Man 3’s crappy one. Tom Hardy backs up the fact that it doesnt matter who he plays, he’ll still come out of it smelling of roses. Michelle Williams as per usual is the innocent lovely love interest and when you see that Brock took advantage of her good nature, you instantly feel for her. If you want an actress that has emotional range, beauty and you desperately want her back. You pick her. Riz Ahmed i was expecting to be crap, but he has a certain coldness about him that makes you want to hate him. There’s plenty of Easter eggs to go around, including the astronaut who is called John (it’s John Jameson as in J.Jonah Jameson’s son.)  Michelle Williams’s character will wear something later on which comic book fans will recognise & yes there is the usual legendary cameo as usual. There is a twist at the end, the bit of humour in it is quite good, (when Venom runs up the Transamerica Pyramid and scares the poo out of him, Venom wants to do it again, Brock uses the lift and Venom calls him a pussy) for example. but as far as being dark since well Venom is probably as dark as you can get in the Marvel universe, it ain’t exactly light, the music definitely wouldn’t go amiss in a decent horror movie, the symbiotic bad guy is well mean, (my understanding is that the symbiote villian in this. But in the comics is one of the last ones alive and it makes sense if you don’t want to use any of the main symbiotes use one of the last ones.) There’s two credit scenes, one features a possible way forward (and let it be known, I’m really looking forward to it!!!) the other is a prologue to “Into the Spiderverse” coming out in a few months. Considering those who know Venom’s origin, me included, you’d think it would suck without his proper origin but it actually works.

Cons, we don’t physically see Venom until at least third of the way through, i actually thought the movie although good, would’ve been better,  i thought it would be longer then nearly 1 hour 50. A good Marvel movie is over two hours and i really wanted more Venom in it.
In closing, is it better then Spider-Man 3’s Venom? Yes, is Hardy a better Venom then Topher Grace? To be honest, I’m a better Venom then he ever could be. the audience liked it, found it funny and unlike what braindead critics say, the audience speak louder then any critic can. (They have ripped it apart, but these same critics thought Birdman was a good movie which it isnt!!!) So for me and the audience’s opinion, we recommend watching it just so you can say “We are Venom.” 4/5DKFILMREVIEWS2