Best known for his breakthrough hit ‘Recognise’ which is approaching 12 million streams and earned the support of Twin Bat 1Xtra and Capital XtraVianni is in the midst of making a major resurgence. That return will hit new heights as he today drops the brand new track ‘PLT’, which previews the December 13th release of his second EP ‘Homerun’.
‘PLT’ showcases Vianni’s smoother-than-smooth vocal style which is perfectly matched by the slick, sensual grooves of the production. It captures his self-described genre of soul food – high end R&B infused with an undercurrent of dancehall and afro-swing. In essence, soul food is music that’s innately connected to one’s inner feelings, rather than a cynical way to ignite dancefloors.
“PLT is based on my first ever relationship. She was older and used to call me her pretty little thing, if I’m being honest, I never used to like it; but now I’m here without her, I’ve accepted I’ll always be a pretty little thing” says Vianni.
The six-track ‘Homerun’ EP spans the spectrum of emotions that Vianni has experienced throughout his relationships. With Vianni co-producing the majority of the tracks, each song is fastidiously fashioned as the collection moves distinctively through different sensations, creating a cohesive experience that’s constantly dynamic and never predictable. You can hear traces of his key influences – PartyNextDoorChris BrownD’Angelo and Tory Lanez, to name but a few – but it’s always informed by Vianni’s force of personality.
The title is inspired by Vianni’s admiration of the baseball icon Barry Bonds, who still holds the Major League Baseballhome run record more than a decade after his retirement. Bonds was an underdog who ascended to a legendary status, and someone who Vianni feels an affinity to, with both characters defying expectations and daring provocation. 
Born and raised in Croydon to Congolese parents, Vianni has fond memories of rumba always resounding throughout the family home. Gifted with the musical touch from an early age, Vianni learnt how to play piano, guitar and the drums as a child – a skillset he later implemented into his musical craft. 
Music is a vital part of Vianni’s family background. His father is an artist manager and his uncle is the renowned musician and producer Koffi Olomide. Music, however, wasn’t his immediate destiny. His parents were all too familiar with the challenges of pursuing a career in music and tried to steer him in a different path. But Vianni was irresistibly drawn to music and secured himself a place at BIMM London as he put his full focus on establishing himself as an artist. 
That dedication was rewarded when ‘Recognise’ broke in 2016. He capitalised upon its success with high profile shows, including a support slot to Cardi B at Koko and a set at Alter Ego alongside Yxng Bane and Big Tobz. He also released his debut EP ‘Bandit Luva’ which documented his previous relationship with a rare and unrestricted vulnerability as it generated another 5.5 million streams.
Vianni’s singularity as a musician is his idiosyncratic sound and style. As he declares, “I know how to address a song.” With his songwriting consistently emphasising the message rather than the melody, Vianni prides himself on always articulating whatever is on his mind. That explains the signature juxtaposition in his vocal – his voice is delicate, but his passion is whole-hearted.