Vince Thomas

Meet the brilliant aspiring artist #VinceThomas who’s new single #Selfie is set to explode on to the airwaves  in spectacular style.

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Thank you to Vince and all the team at #NVE for setting up and arranging this Music Promotions interview…
Your new single ‘Selfie’ is a great anthem for summer. Especially with the selfie craze continuing to grow. Can you tell us what the studio process was like recording this song?
It was very spontaneous!  My producer Devon Dotson and I were just messing around in my living room and it just kinda flowed. We were having a blast!
Is this high-energy, modern pop style what we can expect from your up-coming album?
Yes, and much more!  It’s a mix of Pop, R&B, Funk and Soul.  Lots of great influences.
I’ve heard the video is amazing! How long did it take you to shoot and what was the vibe like on set?
Thank you!  The vibe on set was really fun and amazing, really high energy- the whole atmosphere was crazy, everybody was taking selfies!
Where and when can fans see the video premier?
VEVO, and this month!
‘Selfie’ features appearances by producer Devon Dotson and rapper Vernac, can we expect more collaborations on the album?
 Yeah definitely.
Between recording and promotion – what is a typical day like for you? 
Hanging out with friends and family whenever I can.  I usually hit the gym for a quick workout.  In my free time I’m a big gamer, love to play WoW! I’m big movie buff and I love to play tennis. Living in California, there’s always so much to do!
Your previous projects, formerly released in Berlin, were very well received and you are very well known outside of the states. Are you nervous about success world wide as a solo artist?
I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, I’m just really excited to get my new music out there.  
What is your take on the current music scene? What do you feel we need more or less of?
I think it would be cool if the people could choose what’s being played on radio, instead of the other way around.  Some markets they actually play music based on popularity and requests!
Dream collaborations? Who are the top artists you’d like to write or record with?
Smokey Robinson, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell,
Ellie Goulding, Rihanna, 
Speaking of collaborations, the ladies always like to know, is there a special someone in your life at the moment?
 Not at the moment.  I’m single and looking!
And lastly, when can fans expect to see you on tour? 
Lots of things are in the works right now, more details will be coming later.  Check out my FB ( and for all the latest news.