We start party's

We Start Party’s already scored two massive no1 hits in Asia, look set to take on the UK charts in style with the release of their infectious summer pop single Superstar.

Not a band to stick with the same music formula mixing there rock roots with dance and now pop with Superstar, We Start Party’s are the exciting new band to emerge in the UK, never a band to disappoint when you watch them live you will be left wanting more.
Thank you to We Start Party’s for taking time to chat with Music Promotions about Superstar, beating Foo Fighters is the Asian charts, first full Uk album releases, a special band quick fire game round and more.
Superstar available to pre order now at ITunes.

Can you tell us more about who We Start Party’s are?

We Start Partys is a Pop band from the UK consisting of three members, Matt, Dave and Ben. Forming 4 and a half years ago, we band set out with the idea to make music which people can dance and party too, and we do exactly that!


Can you tell us something interesting about each of you that no one else knows?

Ben lived in Asia for 2 years when he was younger. Matt is really scared of Dogs, no matter the size, and Dave was scared of deep water and couldn’t swim up until a few months ago. We went to asia, had a week off and helped him get over it by going in the pool everyday!


Having scored two number ones already in Asia, how was that? Did you expect it to be like that?

We never thought in our right minds this would happen! We pushed some of our music video’s out there, in the hope that a few people liked them. Then one day we tuned and noticed the tracks were doing really well, getting playlisted all around Asia, then the following week “Make Tonight” was number 1, beating Foo Fighters, it was insane!


Your new single Superstar, is there any story behind it?

Superstar has been a song in the making for years. Ever since the birth of this band, Ben has always wanted to write a song about being famous, living like a rockstar and having all the money in the world. After sitting down and making the chord progression, the lead line “I wanna be a Superstar” was made, from there, the song wrote itself.


Is this a good indication of the future sound of We Start Party’s?

Yes. We began as a rock band, which then turned more as a dance rock band, and this new album will show our Pop roots. However Superstar is undoubtedly the more pop of all tracks on the album, the rest of the album is more guitar based.


How would you define your sound?

Fun Pop music. Simple as that!


What are your expectations toward UK success?

UK has always been really hard for us. Out of all the markets out there, UK has been really hard.We are just hoping that everyone will like the new single and album and hope they will support us in such a hard, competitive market.


Who in the charts are you listening to?

At the moment we are listening to a few people. Avicii, Disclosure, Robin Thicke, John Newmans new track is awesome, great production!


Any bands you would like to work with?

Bands, not really, producers, lots! The last year or two has seen the charts dominated by new upcoming producers making massive tunes. We would love to do a collab with David Guetta, Will I am, Avicii, Skrillex, those kinds of people!


Who are your music influences?

We are influenced by many things, music is one main thing, and life is the other. Just taking every day scenarios and turning them into songs. It’s great. When Ben sits down to write songs, he normally has an idea of what he wants to write about then writes the melody’s and lyrics to fit that.


Any plans to release an album soon?

We will be releasing our first full length album in October called “Nothing But Trouble”, please check it out when it comes out!


Have you got any live summer concerts coming up? Any possible supports?

What is next for you?

We are playing a Festival down South on the 14th September, then looking at a support tour after to run in conjunction of the release of our album. Cant wait!


Quick game round ( if you don’t mind) for the readers to get to know you better.


Glass half full or half empty? Half full

The Saturdays or Little Mix? Thats a hard one.The Saturdays have some great songs, but think Little Mix have better natural singing talent.

The voice or X Factor? The voice, the idea of not being able to see the person is great!

Last to leave the party? Dave

Messiest band member? Dave

Celebrity Juice or Lemon La vida loca? Celebrity Juice!

Loudest band member? Ben or Matt when he has had a few too many haha

Comedy/action/horror? We like all of them!

Favourite TV programme? Friends! Could watch that again and again!

Favourite song to perform live? Probably have to be our old song Seasons, it’s a fun song to play Live and it always gets a good crowd response.