Wild Youth

What a year Wild Youth have had and it’s not over yet, from touring with Irish Legends The Script and opening for Westlife at there massive sold out Croke Parks concerts over two night on their legendary Twenty Tour, their own tour in Ireland and sold out London show what is Next for Wild Youth? New music coming? Conor spoke to Music Promotions to talk about all things Wild Youth.

Wild Youth


How was supporting Westlife at Croke Park?

It was amazing all of us grew up close to Croke park, it’s a nice stadium it was a monemental moment for us, a lot of people can go their whole career and never get to perform there, We are very blessed that we had this opportunity we are very grateful to Westlife.

How did it feel to step out onto that stage for the first time?

Absolutely surreal to be honest to look out from the stage for the first time ever playing in a stadium it was crazy but we loved every minute of it

How was touring with The Script this year?

It was amazing we are big fans of The Script it’s another dream come true getting to play at venues we’ve never been to before it’s been an incredible year for us.

Have The Script given you any advice about music and touring?

They have became very close friends of ours we are lucky to even be able to pick up the phone and give them a call, they have given us plenty of advice they really are knowledge guys who have been through it all and their still at the top they are very wise and generous with the advice from what they have picked up along the way and passed that on to us.

Any plans to work with The Script on any music?

We have in the past, they co wrote and produced our first EP we are very lucky to have worked with them.

Will you be releasing another EP or a full length album?

We have looked into another EP but I think now we will just go for it and do a album it feels the right time for us.

Will the music you release next have the same feel to your EP or are you going for a new sound?

Gradually the music we make we try and get people to dance to it we will definitely keep that kind of theme but we will expand our sound and try some new things for sure.

Who inspires you musically?

So many people I look at are a lot of different writers and who I grew up on like the beach boys, Rolling Stones and all these different bands and today bands like The Script and 1975 for me they are constantly pushing the boundaries keeping things interesting and fresh.

What music are you currently listening to? Is it the same as the music that inspires you?

Yes it is I’ve also started listening to a lot of jazz music as well.

Any headline UK shows coming up?

We are doing a show in London in December and I think we are going to add some more UK dates fairly soon.

How does the UK crowds compare to Ireland?

It’s been amazing, the reaction has been brilliant the show in London sold out it was one of our favourite shows ever it was electric the crowd was brilliant we loved it they are always very welcoming.

Any other tour supports coming up?

We are in talks for tour supports with a couple of people we can’t say much right now we will see what happens so stay tuned.

When can we expect new music?

There will be music by the end of the year for sure.

Career highlights for you so far?

Our headline tour between London and Dublin and we just performed at a big Irish festival on the main stage that was a massive highlight for us.