Wildwood Kin Interview

Wild wood Kin

Wildwood Kin Interview 

Can you tell everyone more about your new album? (Wildwood Kins new album out now.) 

For this album it’s been a different process from the last one, it’s a lot more raw and more vulnerable it’s more of a accurate representation of where we are at as a band that’s why we self tilted the album to send the message this is where we are at now it represents our life journeys our purpose, we also decided to put a heavy focus on mental health we lost my brother just before we started working on this album so that became something we were really passionate about most of the tracks on the album are along that theme of identity and support for anyone who is struggling or learning to become more real with vulnerability and emotions that sense of community and support were all themes we wanted to focus on in the album we are really proud of it we really hope people get a message of support and solidarity when listening to it. 

How was recording this album compared to your previous albums? 

We really wanted to musically make things more simple we basically recorded as much as we could live and as we can we will play it live… we’ve added bass to it we wanted to keep it just the three of us with our instruments we wanted it to accurately represent what we sound like live so we cut back on the production compared to the last album to show where we are right now and we hope that’s how itcomes across. 

With talk about mental health and Jesy Nelsons Odd One Out documentary what are your thoughts on social media and the affects it has? 

That’s been a huge one for us as the music industry is hugely dependent on this generation with social media with how much your putting out there in the public eye we felt especially in the last year that we need to try and be more positive role models for people and contract that compassion you get like we’ve all suffered from comparing ourselves to others on social media and that can really lead to a lot of mental health struggles, so we really try to make our social media as wholesome and true to our selves as conceivable, we get a lot of messages from fans, we try to create a real safe space to have conversations with fans for them to ask us questions and us to ask them questions we think it’s really important to engage with people. We want to build a community on our social media through our music, we still have a lot to learn and a long way to go but we hope we have started to establish that in the last year or so. 

Is your current single a good indication of your album? (out now) 

This one is called ’Time Has Come’  the first single we released was Never Alone we felt that track was the focus song and since then we have released two more about sharing struggles and building communitys, The Time Has Come is more a up rising song an empowerment song one of the stronger tracks on the album we felt it was a more accurate representation of us and we feel it was a perfect last release before the album comes out paint a picture of what that picture might sound like as a whole. 

You have performed at some incredible festivals and venues what have been your highlights? 

Glastonbury we absolutely loved it’s such an amazing mix of music and artistry it’s such an amazing way of bringing so much creativity together it’s such a massive experience and meet so many people who vacate your life for one weekend! Also the Royal Albert Hall was incredible we never even dreamed we would be able to play there it’s such a beautiful historic venue it was so overwhelming to be sharing the stage as so many of our heroes it was such an honour. Some of our favourite gigs are the small and intimate shows. 

As your about to go back on tour what can your fans expect from this tour? 

It’s just the three of us on this tour we have stripped it back and tried to make it as authentic as possible we’re really excited to share the new songs and tell stories about the music we can’t wait to be back on the road. 

Having previously toured with Ward Thomas do you keep in touch with them and would you like to work with them in the future? 

We do we bump into them every so often at events we are in touch on all the socials, they are such lovely people and have a very special place in our hearts they took us under their wing on tour they are such lovely girls so genuine their doing well with their latest album its lovely to keep in touch. We would definitely be up for it but at the moment they are really busy with their album and we are just coming up to ours in the future we would definitely be up for it. 

Who would be your dream collaborations? 

There are loads of bands that we love, we have always been huge fans of Fleetwood Mac we are very inspired by them… to do a show with them would be unbelievable, we grew up listening to James Taylor that would be a dream come true, there is absolutely loads of artists. 

Have you any plans to take your music to Amercia? 

I think so we are talking about that for the spring, America has always received us really well we grew up listening to that west coast US amercarno music and I think our music translates into that world quite well we are hoping in the new year that we will do a US tour for sure.

Would you like to break into movies- Staring or soubdtracks? 

We would love that, this album for us has a lot of scenes that may work well in films, if our music could be used for a film that would be amazing I think there is something special about music being paired with visuals it’s really avocative, we did get one of our songs played on Greys anatomy a couple of months ago which was amazing as we are all big fans of the show.